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Why the Table Top Finger Nail Clipper Works So Well

One of our great daily living aids for getting ready in the morning is our PETA Easi-Grip Table Top Finger Nail Clipper.

Why is it such a great tool that so many people can use? The fact is the table top design offers what people with a variety of hand conditions are looking for: stability.

What’s wrong with traditional clippers

You see, traditional finger nail clippers require more complex manipulation than you might realize. You have to hold it steady at just the right angle while also flexing many of the muscles in your hand.

People who have less control of their hand, whether due to hand tremors or muscle weakness, often find it very difficult to try to flex all those muscles without their hand moving in an unwanted direction.

It may cause jerking movements during the cutting process, which can cause pain. Furthermore, during all of this, you have to hold the hand on which you’re cutting the nail at just the right angle.

We believe everyone has a right to cut their finger nails in peace without unnecessary pain and agitation.

Provide your customers with this high-quality product

That’s precisely what you can offer your customers if you sell daily living aids and choose to be a distributor of the PETA Easi-Grip Table Top Finger Nail Clipper.

The heavy non-slip base of the PETA Easi-Grip Table Top Finger Nail Clipper reduces the effect of tremors or spasms in the hand.

Furthermore, you can place the finger of the nail you’re cutting at an angle that is comfortable for you and then simply place the table top clipper at whatever angle you need.

The final step? Simply press down on the soft feel handle and experience comfortable and precision cutting like you’ve never experienced before.

The PETA Easi-Grip Table Top Finger Nail Clipper allows users the ability to rest their hands completely against the table. This means that people with tremors greatly reduce any jerking movements, and people with muscle weakness in the hand have a place to rest their hand and prevent fatigue.

It’s easy to see why a table top finger nail clipper is the answer for so many people. If you provide disability aids, you’re customers will love these kinds of tools that take away daily stresses.

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