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Picky Eaters Choose Freedom Dinnerware

We all know at least one of them. That’s right, the picky eater.

Being a picky eater is OK, though, because of the brilliant design of the Freedom Divided Plate.

The Freedom Divided Plate features the great non-slip Suction Pad Base like all Freedom’s dinnerware products. But what makes it great for picky eaters who need an adapted plate is the fact that it has high dividers that split the plate into three sections.

Why other divided plates aren’t enough

You can get old-fashioned divided plates at your nearest grocery store, but they are almost always going to be flimsy plastic things that will be used up and thrown in the trash before you know it. They also slip and slide around, making it hard for people wish disabilities or people with the use of one hand to scoop up potato salad, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, or any number of foods.

Why picky eaters like it so much

And the best part about the Freedom Divided Plate in the eyes of the picky eater is the fact that it keeps their food items from touching each other. And it does so through the use of high dividers specifically designed to make scooping (and sticking) a walk in the park.

Parents love it

That’s why when parents of picky eaters who are disabled are looking for the perfect dinnerware aid for their child, they’ll go to Freedom’s dinnerware line. We offer quality dinnerware designed with the end consumer in mind.

That’s why the Freedom Divided Plate is microwavable and dishwasher safe. It’s why we have a number of different kinds of plates and bowls to fit various needs.

Adaptive aspects of the Freedom Divided Plate

The divided plate is not only about picky eaters, though. Many with disabilities that affect the hand or arm in some way love plates with dividers because it provides them an extra edge. They don’t have to spend time chasing their food all over their plate and hopelessly mix it in with the other food in the process.

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When you become a dealer of the Freedom Divided Plate, we believe customers will be drawn to it. When it comes to dinnerware, these are the fine details and quality issues that consumers are looking for and that often seal the deal on making sales.

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