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Why Many Wheelchair Users Love Long Straws

If you are a seller of disability daily living aids, you’re always trying to find out what your customers want. Sometimes this can be difficult, but as a company that has been in this business a long time, we know what the customers want. We have listened to them and shared with them over the years, and we have discovered some information that you can’t find just by cursory research.

One of the little known demands in the marketplace is high-quality, extra-long drinking straws.

Why selling extra long straws is a smart choice

As a dealer, having these types of simple but extremely useful products can help grow your relationship with your customers, because it lets them know that you know what kinds of things they want. This is especially true when it is something you don’t think about every day: a high-quality drinking straw.

That’s where our Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw comes into play. The main feature of the Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw? Well, for starters, it’s a whopping 28 inches long.

The reason this is important is because most wheelchairs, unfortunately, are too high. This is not because of the consumer’s choice. It’s just how wheelchairs are made, and that’s what’s so annoying about it. Imagine looking forward to finally getting your all-new power wheelchair, only to realize once you sit in it that it has so much more added tech and seating options, that it’s higher than even your previous power chair.

For this reason and many other disability-related reasons, long straws, especially ones you don’t have to immediately throw away, are popular in the disability community.

Icing on the cake

But the Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw is not only extra long. As the name suggests, it is also extra flexible, as it is bendable at no less than three points. This is what puts the icing on the cake to make this product a truly adaptive one.

The three bendable points allow the user to put their drink anywhere that is convenient and still be able to reach it at an appropriate angle. This means it can be used in the wheelchair, in the bed, on a plane, or even while lying out by the pool.

If you are interested in including the Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw in your store inventory, don’t wait. Contact us today!