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Artisan Sandwiches To Make With Easi-Grip Bread Knife

Let’s take a look at a summertime, picnic favorite: the sandwich. Said to be invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich so that he could eat and play cribbage at the same time, the sandwich has since grown to be an international favorite. Personally we don’t know much about cribbage, but we do know a lot about sandwiches and the best kinds to eat. So sit back and relax as we examine some of the tastiest sandwiches known to man and how you can make them at home.

First, it’s always important to be prepared. You’ll need a bread knife to slice fresh bread. You can always buy sliced bread for simple delights like tomato sandwiches or grilled cheese sandwiches, but if you want to make an artisan sandwich, we suggest buying fresh bread from the bakery. You’ll usually have several choices of fresh bread at your bakery, such as French, Italian, rye, Cuban, ciabatta, among many others.

The perfect knife for cutting fresh bread

Easi-Grip Contoured Bread Knife

Easi-Grip Contoured Bread Knife

Bring home your bread and slice it with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Bread Knife. This knife has a right angle handle to prevent arthritis pain and to make cutting easier for those with hand weakness. Bread knives like the Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Bread Knife have a serrated blade edge made to cut bread with a slight sawing motion. Do not press down hard to slice fresh bread, or it will get smashed, lose its shape and/or crumble. The most important part to an artisan sandwich is the bread, so make sure it’s done right!

The panini

You can wow your company by making a simple sandwich that looks harder to make than it really is. Slice ciabatta bread with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Bread Knife, or choose another firm bread, like French baguette. Put some type of cured meat (sliced with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Carving Knife) and cheese with vegetables like green pepper and tomatoes in between the meat and cheese. Brush a bit of butter on the bread. Preheat your skillet on the stove and grill. Some people say you have to grill it on a panini maker or other similar device, but if you don’t have one, just grill it on the stove. No one can taste the difference!


Slice fresh white or French bread with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Bread Knife. Fry your batch of bacon until crispy. Let the bacon dry in a plate with a paper towel while you slice your tomato with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Vegetable Knife. We recommend buying fresh tomatoes from your local farmers’ market. Spread mayonnaise on your bread and add salt and pepper. Then add bacon, lettuce and tomato, and voila!

The Reuben

Another way to amaze your guests by doing something out of the ordinary is to make the Reuben. The main ingredients for a classic Reuben are cooked corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut grilled on a rye bread sandwich. Buy fresh rye and cut with our Easi-Grip Contoured Handle Bread Knife.