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The United States of America was founded and cultivated in the ideal of freedom, and it is no wonder great strides have been made in this country to advance the ability of disabled Americans to pursue the right to life, liberty and happiness.

Our mission

Freedom Distributors began in 2006 with the essential purpose of getting quality adaptive daily living aids to people with disabilities. Disabled Americans gain new freedoms and abilities every day by shopping around for products large and small to help them perform activities of daily living independently. We specialize in products that make daily life easier for people with disabilities, young and old.

From our 27,000-square-foot warehouse in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, we sell and distribute adaptive daily living aids, including the Freedom Dinnerware line of suction pad plates and bowls, and cupholders for wheelchairs through various retail outlets.

We welcome your business, whether you are a dealer or manufacturer

Ask us about becoming a vendor and let us help you offer your customers adaptive aids they know they can use.

If you are a manufacturer of adaptive aids, please contact us, as we are always interested in expanding our product line.

We look forward to doing business and carrying on our mission of helping people with limitations gain back their freedoms.

Feel free to contact us

Our telephone number is 601-892-1988. Our fax number is 601-892-3116. You can also email us by going to our contact page.