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5 Conditions That Cause Tremors

One symptom that many disabilities and health conditions have in common is that they lead to tremors. Tremors can occur throughout the body but usually cause the most problems in the hands and arms as the person tries to perform activities of daily living.

What are some medical conditions that cause tremors? The following are some of the most common:

  1. Essential tremors
    ET is also informally known as “shaky hand syndrome,” and it’s still a very mysterious condition with an unknown cause. It is sometimes misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Parkinson’s disease
    Tremor is the most well-known symptom of PD, although around 30 percent of people with PD do not immediately experience this symptom.
  3. Huntington’s disease
    An early symptom of HD is uncontrollable, jerky movements, much like tremors. This makes eating and drinking difficult as the condition progresses.
  4. Stroke
    Having a stroke can result in certain neurological disorders that affect motor skills and the control of muscle movement.
  5. Multiple sclerosis
    MS is a neurological condition that not only can cause muscle weakness, but also muscle spasms and tremors.

If you know anyone affected by the above conditions or are affected yourself, you know how these muscle spasms and hand tremors can affect the way the person eats and drinks.

Freedom Scoop Plate

Freedom Scoop Plate

Through our Freedom dinnerware products, we are dedicated to making dining an easier and hassle-free experience for people with these and other disabilities.

When it comes to hand tremors, one invaluable Freedom product is the Freedom Scoop Plate. Why?

The Freedom Scoop Plate has two features that account for hand and arm tremors:

  • The Suction Pad Base – This pad creates a strong, unbreakable vacuum on flat clean surfaces. Lift the tabs to unseal the vacuum. When put in place, tremors and jerking will not make the plate slide around. It is also great for one-handed use, because it does not require a second hand to hold it in place.
  • The scooping shape – The Freedom Scoop Plate features one high side that the user can use to push food onto a spoon or fork. This is another feature that makes this plate perfect for one-handed use. No need to chase food all over the plate, or worse, onto the table!

Contact us today if you are interested in the Freedom Scoop Plate and other dinnerware items for people with tremors and lack of muscle control.