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What are the Best Plates and Dishes for Children?

Non-Slip Dinnerware Wards Off Tantrums and Helps Children Develop Into Healthier Adults

Intentionally or accidentally, the tiny hand holding the spoon moves swiftly toward the dish of squash and it goes flying–splat! Suddenly, the color scheme of your dining room takes on an orange tint…

If you’re a parent, this is a familiar scenario. Children between one and three years old learning how to eat independently often find that dinnerware isn’t adapted for them. It is unfair to expect children to immediately adjust to dinnerware for adults.

But the biggest problem is that most dinnerware, when used by children, happens to grow a set of wings. Plates and dishes that are perfectly stable under the hand of an adult slip, slide, and fly. This results in tantrums and stunted eating habits.

Children who can self-regulate their meal portions become leaner, healthier adults, according to a 2000 study cited by Pediatric Nursing.

Kids who can better control their eating regimen–with fewer spills and accidents–are more apt to continue with this practice. Parents can help their children help themselves by introducing plates and dishes that do not tip over for children.

Traditional “non-tip” dinnerware uses unreliable methods such as suction cups, “non-skid” pads, or widened legs. The problem is that if there is a loophole, children will always find a way around that loophole.

But true non-tip dinnerware, such as is produced by Freedom Distributors, uses a broad suction base that covers the entire surface area–and more–of the bottom of the plate or dish. There are several reasons for this. For one, no suction method is 100% adhesive; there will always be one way or another of releasing the suction. But by creating a broader surface, you exponentially increase suction power.

In fact, Freeedom Distributors plates and dishes for children do not use suction cups. It is more accurate to refer to Freedom’s non-slip base as a vacuum system so unique that it holds a patent.

Freedom’s non-tip plates and dishes have one other great aspect: the vacuum base is flat and smooth, difficult to pry off. Remember the “toddler loophole”? Children just love to play with anything interesting, especially if they are being forced to do something that may not engage them–such as eating. So the funny-looking suction cups and so-called non-skid pads from most manufacturers not only are not non-skid–they attract the attention of children.

Freedom’s vacuum base is flat, round-cornered, and barely visible. Should your child even notice it, he or should could not pry it up. Yet an adult can easily lift the vacuum base with one finger. And the vacuum base screws on and off of the plate or dish as easily as a jar lid.

Yes, these dishes and plates for children don’t slip or tip. But in the event a small hand interferes before or after you stick the dinnerware to the table, rest assured that the dinnerware is completely unbreakable. And when it comes time to clean up, every piece of Freedom Non-Slip dinnerware is absolutely top-rack dishwasher safe!