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Top 7 Uses for Non-Tip Cupholders For Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy Patients, For Children, and Much More!

Top 7 Uses for Non-Tip Cupholders For Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy Patients, For Children, and Much More!

Non-tip cupholders have come a long way since the days of flimsy clips and weak suction cups. Those cupholders could barely stand up on their own–much less resist the force of an errant hand or an accidentally tipped table.

But non-tip cupholders made by the Freedom Distributors company are so well-designed that they do not tip, do not slip–no matter what happens. Learn a few of the popular ways that Freedom Distributors non-slip cupholders are being used:

1. Non-Tip Cupholders for Kids’ Sick Beds

When your kids are sick, they need their liquids. There is no better way to give them lots of juice, water, or soda than with Freedom’s large, sixteen ounce cupholder. Even this large size won’t tip. Need a smaller non-tip drink holder? Try the Standard size: holds cups ranging from six to sixteen ounces.

2. Non-Slip Drink Holders for Parkinson’s Patients’ Tables

Folks with Parkinson’s Disease enjoy self-feeding but don’t enjoy self-spilling at all. Secure non-tip drink holders provide refreshment for Parkinson’s patients, without the fear of hand tremors knocking over their liquids.

3. Non Tip Cupholders for Tailgate Parties

Here’s a great idea that makes the pre-game tailgate party more fun–and cleaner, too. Non-tip cupholders attach securely to any smooth surface such as the top of an ice box or a folding table. When the cupholder is not needed, it folds down flat and out of the way.

4. Cerebral Palsy Patients – Non Slip Drink holders for Bedside

It’s often tough for cerebral palsy patients to control their fine motor skills. Help them by providing a secure, non-slip drinkholder that keeps them company at bedside. Holds everything from small, 6 oz. juice glasses up to monster 46 oz. cups of soda.

5. Non-Tip Cupholders for Children Learning to Self-Feed

As a young child learning to feed yourself, you’re confronted with so many obstacles. Forks, spoons, bowls, and cups–all seem specially designed to fall, fly away, and frustrate. Keep cups in place with non-tip cupholders for children who are learning to feed themselves.

6. Non-Tip Drink Holders for Wheelchair Trays

Confined to a wheelchair by illness or accident? Whether temporary or permanent, you probably have a detachable tray that allows you to eat, drink, or work on small projects. It’s easy for your beverage to go flying because of the proximity of the tray. Keep your drink in one place and at ready access with non-tip drink holders that attach with a patented vacuum base. Easy to detach, too!

7. Non-Slip Cup Holders for Any Use!

Why limit non-slip cup holders to just a few uses? Anybody–children or adult, impaired or not–whoever wishes to keep their drink secure, can benefit from non-tip drink holders that hold tight to any smooth surface…and remove easily with just one finger!