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The Top 7 Features of a Great Non-Tip Drinkholder

It seems like everyone is looking for a great non-tip drinkholder. You know, the kind of non-tip drinkholder that doesn’t tip? Seems like it should be a simple enough matter. But look on the market and you’ll find products that not only tip and slip, but the internal “gripping” arms don’t grip the cup; they break easily, they can’t be washed in a dishware; and the list goes on.

Let’s look at the top 7 features of a really great non-tip drinkholder.

Key Feature 1: A Non-Tip Drink Holder That Doesn’t Tip

Because of its patented suction base that sticks hard and fast to almost any smooth surface, Freedom Dinnerware’s non-tip cupholder cannot tip. No matter what.

Key Feature 2: A Non-Tip Drinkholder That Doesn’t Slip

Slip? Tip? What’s the difference. For most manufacturers, there is no difference. But Freedom dinnerware realizes that a drinkholder may be slip-free, but it can also tip. Rest assured that Freedom’s drinkholders do neither. With Freedom, you will get a true non-slip drink holder, too.

Key Feature 3: A Non-Tip Drinkholder That Grips the Container

Most drinkholders have weak gripping mechanisms. Not so with Freedom. The Freedom non-tip cupholders have powerful grippers that hold any cup firmly in place…yet are gentle enough not to crush a paper or styrofoam cup.

Key Feature 4: A Non-Tip Cupholder That is Washable

A cupholder gets plenty of junk on it, doesn’t it? Coffee, soda, juice. Talk about sticky! Freedom cupholders can be tossed in the top rack of the dishwasher (after removal of the vacuum base) and cleaned spic and span!

Key Feature 5: A Non-Slip Cup Holder That is Virtually Unbreakable

Completely unbreakable? Any manufacturer who promises “completely” is lying to you. But Freedom will tell you that the high-quality plastic used for its non-slip cup holders is medical-grade and will easily withstand normal usage.

Key Feature 6: A Non-Tip Cupholder That Folds Flat

Folds? If you’ve been searching for non-tip cupholders, that may surprise you. But it’s standard with Freedom. Its cupholders fold down to one-inch flat. Neat and unobtrusive.

Key Feature 7: A Non-Tip Cupholder That Accepts a Variety of Sizes

No two humans are alike. And their beverage choices are different, too. That why Freedom non-slip cupholders come in Standard (6 to 16 ounces) and Large (16 to 46 ounces) sizes.