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Taking Your Questions About… Non-Slip Divider Plates

Divider plates have an amazingly wide range of uses. Divider plates help provide more satisfying mealtimes for kids who are learning to eat, as well as people who have degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, or Parkinson’s Disease.

Then, turn that divider plate into a non-tip, non-slip divider plate, and you’ve got something quite amazing.

Here are examples of the types of questions we frequently hear:

“My mother has Parkinson’s Disease and has difficulty feeding herself–but she insists on doing it herself! Because of her hand tremors, the food gets mixed up but she hates mixed-up food. Help!” — J.K., Eastabuchie, Miss.

They go by many different names: divider plates, divided plates, or sectioned, or segmented plates. But the concept is the same. A divider plate has “walls” within the plate which keep the food separate. A divider plate is exactly what your mother needs to keep her green beans out of her mashed potatoes!

“I bought a stack of ten sectioned plates at the dollar store. I thought I got a good deal until one of them melted in the microwave. Now it looks like a piece of modern sculpture! Are there any sectioned plates that don’t melt?” — Mrs. M. Barton, Salt Lake City, UT

You need to upgrade to the “real thing.” Cheap divided plates seem like a good deal…until you try to microwave them. Freedom Distributors makes a line of divided plates that simply will not melt in the microwave–no matter what.

“My son–who has Cerebral Palsy–has a pretty good divider plate. We use it for practically all three meals. But the non-slip pad doesn’t seem to do the job. The plate slips everywhere.” F.L. — Scranton, PA

Go with the Freedom non-slip divider plate. Its patented vacuum base isn’t like those ineffective non-slip pads. With the vacuum base, your divider plate simply will not slip–ever.

“My daughter, who is two and a half, finds her non-tip divided plate very interesting. So interesting that she keeps messing with it and unsticking it! What do I do?” — Mr. V.K. — Indiana

Find a non-slip divided plate that truly is non-slip. Freedom’s vacuum base is perfectly flat, has rounded edges, and isn’t very interesting to a kid.

“I’m a caregiver looking for a non-tip divider plate for my Multiple Sclerosis patient. It’s supposed to be a gift for her… But just between you and me, it would help me as much as her! Suggestions?” — Ms. S. — Ethelsville, AL

We understand. Choose a non-tip divider plate that doesn’t tip. Sounds easy? Not so fast. Many so-called non-tip dividers tip quite easily–under the slightest pressure. Freedom Dinnerware makes a non-tip divided plate that does not tip–all because of its wonderful vacuum base that simply won’t slip or tip.