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Situations For Using Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straws

Many different kinds of disabilities require the use of a straw for easy and safe drinking. For people with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, paralysis and many other conditions, it is difficult or impossible to lift a cup for drinking.

For this reason, long straws have become very popular, but even longer straws are often not long enough. If the user is lying in bed or limited to an upright position in a wheelchair, the straw usually needs to be even longer. The Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw measures a full 28 inches for this purpose.

As the name suggests, these straws are also flexible. They bend at three different points, which means they can be used in a number of unique situations. These include:

  1. Using the straw to reach from an armrest cupholder to the user’s mouth so that they do not need to lift.
  2. Reaching the straw from a liquid container located behind the wheelchair seat.
  3. Using the straw for cups located on someone’s bedside or behind the bed.

Being able to angle the straw at three points gives full control so that the user can custom fit the straw to their own situation.

You can also cut the straw to make it smaller, as necessary.

The fact that these straws can be washed and reused saves the customer money and gives them the convenience of not having to continue to buy new packs of straws.

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