Q: "What Kind of Dinnerware is Needed for a Multiple Sclerosis Patient?" | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

Q: “What Kind of Dinnerware is Needed for a Multiple Sclerosis Patient?”

A: “Dinnerware Adapted for the Purpose. One Feature You Should Look For…”

…is whether or not the dinnerware stays securely in position, in place, and does not tip, slide, or spill. In fact, we might say that this is the major feature of dinnerware for multiple sclerosis patients.

As you well know, multiple sclerosis presents a grab-bag of symptoms: total or partial vision loss, aphasia, sensations in arms and legs, and possibly mental health conditions. But one notable aspect of multiple sclerosis is, of course, difficulty with motor skills. And in no other daily activity are motor skills more necessary than during mealtimes.

Plates, dishes, and cupholders for multiple sclerosis patients must be specially designed for that purpose. Perhaps you have wasted a lot of time and money fooling with so-called adaptive plates, bowls, and drinkholders that hardly work–or which break soon after usage. There is a wide variety of useless non-skid plates and dishes which essentially are “non-skid” only if no one touches them. Then there are cupholders that seem to accept only one type of cup, and do a less than adequate job of holding that cup. Not to mention, the cupholder itself often doesn’t stay securely in place.

Freedom Distributors is a unique company because it makes non-tip plates and dishes for multiple sclerosis patients–as well as wonderful non-tip drinkholders–which do exactly what they claim. Here’s how…

The first feature is the non-tip, non-skid property of the products. How does Freedom Distributors do this? With a special vacuum base that is nothing like the weak suction cups or slippery “non-skid” pads of competitors. In the Freedom line, all dishes for multiple sclerosis patients come with the universal vacuum base that sticks on any flat, smooth surface with one hand–and unsticks with one finger! This base prevents the plate or bowl from sliding or tipping, under practically any kind of force.

The second feature is that the shape of the adapted plates and bowls must be ergonomically correct for multiple sclerosis patients. What this means is that food must stay within the plate or bowl. And in the case of the plate, different foods must stay separated.

A great divider plate for multiple sclerosis patients is the one made by Freedom: one big section, two smaller sections, and the added bonus of that stable patented vacuum base.

Finally, any cup holder for multiple sclerosis patients must be as sturdy and stable as the dinnerware already mentioned. These drinkholders revolve around the same concept: advanced design with the MS patient in mind. For example, consider the large cupholder. Holding up to 46 ounces of an MS patient’s favorite beverage, this is one non-tip drinkholder that truly doesn’t tip–all due to that universal vacuum mount.

For Multiple Sclerosis patients, Freedom’s dinnerware and cup holders are just the thing for pleasant mealtimes.