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Persons with Spastic Cerebral Palsy Can Enjoy Mealtimes With Greater Freedom

A unique line of adapted tableware made for persons with spastic cerebral palsy is available from the Freedom Distributors company.

Persons with cerebral palsy who experience occasional spasms may find it difficult, if not impossible, to independently feed themselves. Beverage containers, plates, and dishes tend to slide off the table if bumped during the spasm. Some companies manufacture what they claim to be “non-slid” mats or “secure” cup holders which are neither non-slid nor secure.

To adequately provide for increased independence during mealtimes, it is necessary to use tableware which can stand up to real-world conditions.

Cupholders for Even the Toughest Conditions

Cupholders for persons with spastic cerebral palsy are extra-tough because they are made of hard, unbreakable plastics which can both be microwaved and run through even the hottest setting on the dishwasher.

But the best thing about these cup holders is that they use a super-grippy patented vacuum base. The base sticks to any smooth, flat surface, yet is easy enough to remove when needed. This base will withstand pressure from nearly any hand tremor or spasm. Hot and cold liquids are safe and secure in the Freedom Distributors line of cupholders.

Divider Plates Keep Food Separate

No one enjoys having their food courses mixed together. Divider plates designed for those with spastic cerebral palsy offer one large section for a main course of meat or fish. Then there are two smaller sections for side courses. This divider plate has been tested in homes and hospitals with people who have cerebral palsy—and always this plate gets “two thumbs up” for its wonderful design as well as its detachable vacuum base to keep it secure on clean, flat surfaces.

What is This Vacuum System?

Most non-slip plates are not non-slip. They use either weak suction cups or rubbery non-slip pads which limit but do not fully impede movement of the plate, dish, or bowl. Only the Freedom Distributors line of tableware uses this patented vacuum base system. The base screws onto the dish, bowl, or plate just like screwing a lid onto a jar (in fact, the base cannot be run through the dishwasher or microwaved). When removal is desired, it is a simple matter of lifting the corner of the base. The base will remove with almost no effort.

Scoop Plate to Assist in Placing Food on Utensil

It is not enough to have a plate or bowl which secures to the table. Another problem is when the person affected with spastic cerebral palsy cannot move food onto the fork or spoon. A scoop plate helps persons with spastic cerebral palsy push food onto the utensil. A special “lip” on the edge of the plate places the food on the utensil with little effort.