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Learn About Tableware for Huntington’s Disease Patients

The most obvious physical symptom of Huntington’s Disease is called corea: the inability to control one’s motor functions. Slow movement and stiffness is often followed by exaggerated movements such as jerky and random movements.

For those few people affected by Huntington’s Disease, daily tasks can seem insurmountable. The one daily task that must be surmounted, though, is mealtime—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nutrition, and by extension, good health, are dependent on effective mealtime management routines.

Whether you are affected by Huntington’s Disease or are a caregiver, you well know how difficult it is to deal with this time of day. The best way to manage this is not to fight it; the best way to manage this is to deal with it on its own playing field.

There is a certain category of tableware called “adapted tableware” which allows persons affected Huntington’s Disease to enjoy mealtimes to a significantly higher degree than they currently do.

Four Types of Adaptive Tableware for Those with Huntington’s Disease

  1. Cupholders – People living with Huntington’s Disease appreciate the dishwasher-safe cupholders made by Freedom Distributors with a vacuum- base system that adheres to nearly any smooth, flat surface.
  2. Scoop Plate – Employing the same patented suction base, the scoop plates also have a contoured lip to keep food inside.
  3. Snack Bowls – For those between-meal cravings, snack bowls are available. Again – these use the same vacuum-base technique.
  4. Divider Plates — It is easy to remove the suction base by lifting one corner. Divider plates have three compartments. The largest section contains the main course, while the two smaller sections hold vegetables, fruit, or desserts.

Maintenance of Freedom Distributors dinnerware

This line of adapted tableware is extremely durable. Manufactured using the highest quality impact-resistant plastics, these bowls and plates for people with Huntington’s Disease can be dropped, microwaved, and run through the dishwasher…without cracking, chipping, or warping.

The main thing to remember is that the suction base cannot be microwaved or sent into the dishwasher. As the bases tend to remain fairly clean, they are easy enough to wash by hand.

How Can Adaptive Dishes and Plates Help Huntington’s Disease Patients?

  • Dishes, plates, and cupholders for Huntington’s Disease patients will not move—due to the unique patented vacuum base.
  • This tableware easily unscrews from the vacuum base, just like unscrewing a lid from a jar.
  • Specially designed lips and contours keep food in—not out.
  • Segmented “divider plates” keep different food separate…for more pleasant mealtimes.

As you may well know, patients with Huntington’s Disease require special care and attention. If at all possible, those suffering from Huntington’s Disease should be given the tools to create their own independent daily routines. For the most important of all daily routines—mealtimes—these adapted bowls, plates, dishes, and cupholders made by Freedom Distributors offer the most superior product to achieve this goal.