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Improved Mealtimes for the Spastic Patient

Help is On the Way…With Adaptive Dinnerware

Nobody ever said it was easy to experience spastic symptoms related to a stroke or other condition. As a person with a spastic condition–or as a caregiver, patient, or parent of a person who suffers from this–the world often seems cruelly designed against your best efforts. Buttons, zippers, knives, forks, plates, light bulbs, and writing implements are but a few of the things in this world which require some degree of fine or gross motor skills.

The most difficult time, as you may know, are those three times of the day called breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Yet a person with spastic symptoms can find tableware—plates, dishes, bowls— that nearly all address the problems that they may have in connection with mealtimes.

The Problem of Failed Adaptive Tableware

Many companies which claim to manufacture special types of tableware for those with spastic conditions apparently have never field-tested their products. Time and again, these so-called suction cup devices and non-slip pads designed to adhere plates and bowls to tables—simply do not work. Not only that, but the plates and bowls themselves are constructed from inferior materials which cannot withstand dishwasher or microwave use.

Enter a company called Freedom Dinnerware. Freedom’s designers and scientists have been able to create a line of bowls, plates, and dishes for the spastic person which truly do the job they claim to do!

Why don’t conventional suction cup systems work? Why are non-slip pads mainly a failure? Freedom has investigated the issue and has come up with a brilliant solution.

Freedom has designed a two-part vacuum pad system so unusual that it is wholly unlike the suction cup system. The first part is the suction pad. The second part is the item of tableware itself. The tableware screws onto the patented vacuum as easily as screwing a lid on a jar. Then, the suction pad grips easily to any flat, clean, smooth surface with a slight amount of pressure. Want to take it off? Easy. Simply lift one corner of the pad, and the vacuum pad will release the pressure.

Unbreakable – Microwavable – Washable

Because accidents do happen, Freedom dishes and plates—designed for patients with spastic conditions in mind–are virtually indestructible. Drop them on a hard floor. Subject them to everyday abuse. It seems that no matter what you do—Freedom tableware will not break.

It is interesting how many manufacturers of specially adapted tableware seem to assume that nobody uses microwaves or dishwashers. Freedom’s dinnerware is 100% microwave safe and dishwasher-safe.

Because spastic patients have uncontrollable hand tremors, jerks, and movements which limit fine motor skills, there are two methods of dealing with this.

First, Freedom tableware for spastic patients has been specially molded so that the food stays in—not out. Unique lips along the edges help keep the food within the range of the plate, dish, or bowl.

Second is the optional divider system. Nobody likes to have their beets mixed with their mashed potatoes, and mashed potatoes mixed with their fish. With Freedom tableware, patients who have spastic symptoms can keep their fish or other main course in the large half-sized segment. And for their vegetables, fruit, or desserts there are two quarter-sized segments.

Hand tremors and impulsive movements are no match for Freedom Dinnerware’s two pronged, patented system of its vacuum pad and field-tested contoured lips and edges. Investigate Freedom today—more freedom for patients experiencing spastic symptoms.