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How Do I Deal with Tremors at Mealtimes?

It is often difficult to know how to manage tremors which impede daily life. The National Institute of Health indicates that tremors may have many causes such as Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, and well as a variety of other situational causes such as low blood sugar, too much caffeine, or stress.

But the most critical time is mealtime. A tremor which does not allow a person to effectively feed himself or herself—whatever the initial cause—will result in poor nutrition as well as a degraded feeling of independence. Q: Is there any type of tableware which helps a person with tremors?

Yes. It is called “adapted tableware.” One company which manufactures a superior type of adapted tableware is Freedom Distributors.

Q: What does adapted tableware do?

Adapted tableware for persons with tremors helps them to keep the implements secure and safe, without fear of spills or injury due to hot liquids or food.

Q: How does this tableware “stick” to the eating surface?

A unique vacuum base system—unlike the conventional, ineffective suction-cup methods—adheres the dish, plate, or bowl to the table. Because it is composed of two parts, it can be easily screwed on and off like a lid on a jar. The only thing to remember is that the vacuum base cannot be microwaved or put in the dishwasher.

Q: Can the top portion be microwaved or put in the dishwasher? Absolutely. The bowl, plate, or dish portion of course is 100% microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

Q: How does this assist a person with a tremor?

Persons who experience tremors may use such tableware to ensure that the eating implement stays on the table, and that food within the item of tableware stays inside.

Q: How can adaptive tableware keep food “in” the dish, plate, or bowl?

A divider plate is available which keeps food contained within three compartments: one large section and two smaller sections. A scoop plate has a specially contoured “lip” to allow the user to push food against the lip and easily “scoop” it onto the utensil.

Q: Are cupholders of the same type available?

Yes. People who experience tremors prefer cupholders which have the same vacuum base system and which are made of sturdy, dishwasher-safe plastic. Additionally, these cup holders fold flat for easy transport, and because of the patented vacuum base are simple to remove. Anyone who has tremors can feel safe knowing that their cupholder will “grab” the beverage container and not let it go—until the moment the person wants to remove the container. These cupholders range in size from six to forty-six ounces and come in a neutral color for any décor.

Q: Why do persons with tremors prefer the Freedom Distributors line of adapted tableware?

The Freedom Distributors line is a superior product which does not employ ineffective so-called gripping methods such as non-slip pads or suction cups. Also, the Freedom line of adapted dishes, plates, and bowls is constructed to the highest standards, using virtually unbreakable plastic which will not chip, crack, or break under normal conditions.