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How Can Adaptive Cup Holders and Dinnerware Help Parkinson’s Patients?

As a person with Parkinson’s Disease or a caregiver assisting such a person, you know that mealtimes are difficult.

Parkinson’s patients may have any of a host of symptoms–from insomnia and mood changes, to memory loss and sensation loss. But the one symptom that perhaps most clearly defines Parkinson’s Disease is an impairment of motor skills.

One Motor Skill You Cannot Live Without

Motor skills: those tasks that took so long to learn as children, and which now are failing. Motor skills: those basic skills that assist you with everyday functions, such as brushing your teeth, typing, playing golf, and writing a letter.

And mealtimes.

You might be able to do without playing golf, typing, or writing a postcard. But the fine motor skills associated with meals are even more important because they concern a highly vital matter: sustenance.

Even if you are a Parkinson’s patient who has a caregiver available to assist you with feeding, you will appreciate the feeling of independence you get with self-feeding. It’s like pure gold!

So if you find that your dinnerware is not cooperating with your hand tremors — find some dinnerware that will cooperate!

Drink Holders for the Table

Non-tip drink holders are the best place to start. You will find these non-tip cupholders especially valuable for securing drinks with sizes ranging from six ounces all the way up to 46 ounces on your table or wheelchair tray.

Non-Tip Cupholder for Wheelchair

Spend much of your time in the wheelchair? Why be drink-deprived? Folding cupholders that clamp to the wheelchair keep your drink secure and close. But if you are going through a narrow door or in a crowd, you will be pleased to note that the cup holder folds neat and flat to the side of the wheelchair!

In fact, the manufacturer, Freedom Distributors, has put so much research into design, that these clever folding drink holders are available for either round- or square-tube wheelchairs!

Divided Plates

To many Parkinson’s patients, it’s a mystery why they didn’t catch onto the benefits of divider plates a long time ago. These plates keep food separate, the way it should be–you don’t want your collards and cobbler socializing, right? These divided plates have a half section and then two quarter sections.

As if that weren’t enough, these Freedom divider plates have Freedom’s patented vacuum base–for a non tip, no spill plate every meal!

Scoop Plate

Scooper plates are another type of assistive dinnerware that has two major benefits for Parkinson’s patients.

  1. Scooper plates are non tip, no spill plates which simply cannot turn over–all due to Freedom’s unique vacuum base.
  2. Scooper plates are specially designed with a “lip” ergonomically designed to keep food in–no matter how much your hand trembles when attempting to lift the food.

So make a cost-effective investment toward freedom and independence. Learn about all the specially adapted non slip, no spill cupholders and plates from Freedom Dinnerware!