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Get Rid of Weeds As Soon As You See Them

The oft-quoted writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that weeds were “a plant whose virtues have never been discovered.”

Emerson might have been right, but here at Freedom Distributors, we’re going to keep dedicating ourselves to making weed killing easier until Emerson’s theory is actually proven.

And we’ll do so through the PETA Easi-Grip Weeder.

PETA Easi-Grip Weeder

PETA Easi-Grip Weeder

This weeder has the soft feel, ergonomic handle featured on all PETA Easi-Grip garden products. The handle is at a right angle to prevent awkward wrist bending. With traditional handles, the wrist experiences tension and pain, as shown in the figure below. The PETA Easi-Grip Weeder takes the pain and stress away for people with arthritis and other hand conditions, such as weakness or tremors.

Easi-Grip tools (green) allow the wrist to stay straight, unlike traditional tools (red).

Easi-Grip tools (green) allow the wrist to stay straight, unlike traditional tools (red).

Weeds as we know them simply cannot be tolerated. Occasionally they may serve a slight value, such as providing nectar for bees. But let’s face it. Weeds are pretty darn terrible. Why?

  1. Well, one reason is that weeds compete with the other plants you are actually trying to grow. They take up the water and nutrients other plants would get, and they do so because they were born to fight and survive.
  2. Furthermore, weeds look ugly. They are usually just out of place. When we see them, we feel tempted to pull them out immediately. With the PETA Easi-Grip Weeder, it is easy to do just that.
  3. Finally, weeds only get worse when we stand idly by and let them grow. Before you know it, weed growths can get out of control, so it’s important to nip them in the bud.

To do that, look no further that the PETA Easi-Grip Weeder. The contoured base under the rod provides extra leverage as you pull the handle back and down. Watch the sharp prongs remove pesky weeds at their roots.

If you are a dedicated keeper of a lawn or garden, then you know the feeling of walking just to get the mail and seeing a nasty weed that has managed to spring up. You might be used to pulling it quickly with your hand instead of going to find a tool. Instead, keep the PETA Easi-Grip Weeder close by to zero in on that weed as soon as you see it.

You don’t have to be the victim of a weed disaster. Turn the weeds into the victim with this high-quality, arthritis-friendly product. Contact us today!