For Your Disabled Child or for Any Disabled Children, Adaptive Plates and Bowls with Features for Better Nutrition | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

For Your Disabled Child or for Any Disabled Children, Adaptive Plates and Bowls with Features for Better Nutrition

For Your Disabled Child or for Any Disabled Children, Adaptive Plates and Bowls with Features for Better Nutrition

It is often said that any disabled child needs all the help available from his or her caregivers. But what constitutes “help?”

With all children—disabled or not—in the first few years it usually means doing everything for them. But as the child grows, it becomes more important to help the child help him or herself.

Mealtimes can be especially tricky. While parents and caregivers may wish to grant independence to disabled children in many areas of life—essentially letting them “test the waters”—it is difficult to do this with meals. No parent or caregiver wishes to see their child receive inadequate nutrition because they cannot properly feed independently.

Enter adaptive dinnerware. These are bowls, plates, dishes, and cupholders for the disabled child which have certain “assistive” features to help them handle these implements better.

Feature: Contoured “Lip” for Better Food Handling by the Disabled Child

If the disabled child has use of only one hand, it can be difficult to push food onto the fork or spoon. So a wonderful type of plate or bowl for disabled children is called the “scoop” bowl/plate. A special “lip” scientifically contoured by computer- modeling programs lets the disabled child “push” the food onto the utensil…all without using a second hand!

Feature: Disabled Children Love the “Gripping” Properties

Many makers of adaptive tableware advertise non-grip properties. But upon closer examination, these bowls, plates, and dishes are closer to “low-skid” than truly “non-skid.” Case in point is the so-called “non-skid” pad, which is nothing more than a rubbery or “grippy” surface to lay under the bowl or plate and impede its movement. Another ineffective method is the suction-cup system. Suction cups quickly lose their grip, easily frustrating the efforts of the disabled child wishing to feed independently. But the Freedom Distributors line of products offers a patented vacuum base that screws onto the adapted plate, bowl, or dish used by disabled children.

Feature: Sturdy Foldable Cupholders Favored by Disabled Children

Kids love to have their own soda or juice by their side. For any disabled child a cupholder that is not easy to use will simply not get used. By contrast, the Freedom Distributors cupholders have strong arms to hold the container in—yet gently releases the beverage when the child wishes to have it. These cupholders stick to flat surfaces with the vacuum-base, and quickly fold up and away from transport!

Feature: Divider Plates to Keep Broccoli in Its Place!

Most children—disabled or otherwise—would prefer to keep broccoli or Brussels sprouts out of their dinner plate. But if they must have them, they prefer to keep them separate from the other food on their plate. Disabled children love the divider plate which has a large main section for the main course, a second smaller section for fruit, and a third smaller section for…those greens. Adapted tableware—dishes, plates, bowls, and cup holders—from Freedom Distributors. The best you can buy. Completely microwave safe and dishwasher safe (please detach vacuum base first). Virtually unbreakable. And certain to please the disabled child who wishes to independently feed him or herself.