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FAQs About Wheelchair Cupholders

How does a wheelchair cupholder differ from other types of cupholders?

Wheelchair cupholders are attached to the frame. Other types of cupholders may attach to the wheelchair tray or in other positions.

Does this mean that the wheelchair cup holder cannot be removed?

No, in fact wheelchair cup holders made by Freedom Distributors represent the best of both worlds. They attach securely to the wheelchair frame, but are easy to take off if you need.

What about obstructions? Are the cupholders wider than the wheelchair?

Freedom drinkholders are folding drinkholders. With the beverage finished and removed, only one hand is needed to fold the drink holder up, out, and away!

Do these folding drinkholders ever fold up accidentally?

Impossible. Freedom’s drink holders fold up only when you want them fold up. Internal support arms mean that they cannot fold up unless you do it.

Do Freedom cupholders work with any wheelchair?

Yes, they are designed to work with the entire range of wheelchairs. In fact, they also work with walkers and rollators.

But some electric wheelchairs have square tubing–not the traditional round tubing.

The Freedom folding cupholders fit just fine on square-tubed mobility devices. They are designed for either round or square tubed devices.

How flat do these folding cup holders actually fold up?

Very flat. Freedom folding cup holders close up as flat as one inch. No problem with obstructions! In fact, if properly installed on the wheelchair, Freedom’s folded cupholders will be narrower than the actual width of the wheelchair.

Do these folding drink holders work for “lefties” too?

Absolutely. We love “lefties.” You may easily attach a Freedom folding drink holder to either the left or right side of the wheelchair.

How difficult are these cupholders to clamp to the wheelchair?

Not difficult at all. To clamp the cupholder to the wheelchair, simply use a Phillips screwdriver, the provided wing nut, and the patented clamp. You or your caregiver should have it on the wheelchair within just a few minutes.

Does the drinkholder clamp to a scooter?

Yes. Using the same techniques, you may clamp the drinkholder to a scooter. In fact, you may clamp the drinkholder to a walker and rollator, as well.

Does this clamping cupholder use any screws in the frame?

Not at all. The Freedom clamping cupholder uses no screws in the frame. It goes on and comes off with ease–and without a mark.