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Facts about Adaptive Tableware for children with disabilities

Adaptive tableware for disabled children is largely misunderstood. Conventional wisdom says that adapted plates and dishes are boring, ineffective, and prone to breakage.

In many cases, this is true. Some dinnerware designed for the disabled child is cheap, bad, and possibly even dangerous.

So it is necessary to identify dishes, plates, bowls, and cupholders for disabled children that really work. What are some aspects of effective tableware that parents and caregivers should look for?

1. Ease of Use

If an item of adapted dinnerware is not easy to use, it will not be used. For the disabled child an adaptive plate that offers a specially designed “lip” along the edge of the plate will allow the child to “scoop” food onto the fork or spoon without additional aid.

In another example, adaptive cupholders for disabled children must allow the child to easily engage and disengage the beverage container from the cupholder. If the container is difficult to engage or disengage, the child will become frustrated and will eventually refuse to use the container.

2. Adheres Firmly to the Surface

This is the area where most adaptive tableware fails. Ineffective suction cups or “grip pads” usually do not succeed in preventing the bowl or plate from moving. Only Freedom Distributor’s patented vacuum-base system, which attaches and detaches from the bowl or plate as easily as unscrewing a jar lid, will hold so firmly to trays and tables. Yet, when the vacuum-base system needs to be removed, it is as simple as lifting a corner of the base and releasing the pressure.

3. Can be Microwaved

It is estimated that 83% of all food in U.S. homes is microwaved. You would not want to have a plate or bowl for your special needs child that is unable to go into the microwave. Freedom Distributor’s line of adaptive plates and bowls is 100% microwave safe. The only thing to remember is that the lower vacuum base cannot be microwaved.

4. Allow Independence for Disabled Child

One item in particular, the divider plate is perfect for the disabled child who wishes to have more autonomy during mealtimes. No longer do caregivers or parents have to monitor the meal to ensure that different courses remain separate. With its single large section and two smaller sections, the divided plate easily segments different courses. And the child can do it all by him or herself! Best of all, the divided plate uses the same proprietary vacuum-base system that keeps the plate stuck firmly to the wheelchair tray or table.

All Freedom Distributors’ dinnerware is virtually non-breakable. Freedom bowls, plates, and cupholders are made of industrial-grade plastic which resists chips, bangs, and scratches. The attractive neutral color blends in with any environment.