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Dinnerware to Assist the Autistic Person

While it is a special challenge for the autistic person to surmount many of life’s everyday tasks, mealtime can present yet another set of challenges.

Because most persons who are eventually diagnosed with autism are identified as such before the age of three, many parents worry about developmental issues. At the beginning, many parents think that their child simply needs to “catch up.” Indeed many pediatricians will advise parents to keep an observant eye on their child before jumping to any conclusions.

Four Features of Dinnerware for Autistic Persons

As such, many parents may wish to impose a routine or other type of organizational structure on mealtimes for their autistic child. There is a special type of dinnerware for the autistic person called by the generic term “specially adapted dinnerware.” This type of dinnerware tends to have a number of common features:

  1. This dinnerware adheres to flat surfaces.
  2. This dinnerware is easily washable and unbreakable.
  3. Special shaping or contouring of the surfaces to make it easier for the autistic person to feed him or herself.
  4. Segmented sections in the plates or dishes to allow for easier organization of the separate food elements. Because many autistic people do favor precision and organization, the divider plate is especially perfect for them. The divider plate for autistic persons has won high praise for having a generous “half section” for the main course, and two quarter-sections for the vegetables, fruit, or dessert portion of the meal.

Some autistic children are very active, and because of this the specially adapted dinnerware for autistic children has a patented suction system to allow it to adhere to any smooth surface. Yet this suction system, made exclusively by the Freedom Dinnerware company, can easily be removed simply by lifting one corner of the suction pad.

Unbreakable dishes, plates, and bowls for the autistic person are especially valuable—and the Freedom Dinnerware line is virtually indestructible. This laboratory-designed dinnerware will resist bangs, bumps, drops, and endless abuse, all without breaking, cracking, or chipping.

Computer-Designed Contours

One wonderful feature is the way that this dinnerware has been shaped and contoured—by computer modeling techniques–to make it easier for unsteady hands to move food onto the fork or spoon. Freedom Dinnerware scoop plates have a unique lip which let the user easily push food onto the spoon or fork without creating a mess.

Even snack bowls for the autistic person are available that incorporate the unique suction pad system, for between-meal nibbling of pretzels, candies, and fruit.

All Freedom Dinnerware dishes, bowls, and dinnerware for autistics can be microwaved and is 100% dishwasher-safe!

True mealtime independence for the autistic patient means tableware that not only initiates that freedom–but is sturdy and dependable enough to continue that freedom for years to come.