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Better Health for Children and Adults Affected by Autism

Effective Management of Mealtimes Correlates with Good Health

Autism affects approximately three in 1,000 children. While autism cannot be cured, it can be effectively managed, and the health of the child or adult affected by autism can be greatly improved by better mealtime routines.

For those affected by autism, nutritional supplements are a common part of their lives. Supplements such as B6, DMG, Folic Acid, and Vitamin C are often administered to these persons as a way to compensate for poor mealtime routines.

But the best solution is to improve those mealtime routines—in the first place.

One problem is that folks affected by autism become frustrated with the mealtime routine because the tableware often does not cooperate with them. Autistic persons typically crave routine and organization, yet cups, plates, dishes, bowls, and other dining implements often seem to have a mind of their own. Spilled food and drink is not conducive to a pleasant mealtime for the adult or child affected by autism.

It is not possible for the caregiver to always monitor the daily routine of autistic persons. At some point, the autistic person is not only required—but often desires—independence in some of these routines.

To promote this independence, there is a remarkable line of assistive tableware produced by the Freedom Distributors company which is unlike any other type of assistive tableware. Most tableware in this category claims to be non-slip–yet under normal conditions these non-slip methods do not work. Feeble suction cup or grip pads are employed. However, when the autistic person comes up against these ineffective methods they often become frustrated and do not wish to continue their mealtime.

By contrast, the Freedom Distributors line uses a unique, patented vacuum base system to allow the tableware to grip to any smooth, flat surface. This extraordinary base is used for the entire line of products, from scoop bowls to dishes to cupholders. For folks affected by autism such tableware is the answer they need for more pleasant meal times.

The cup holders range in size from standard to large, holding liquids between 6 ounces and 46 ounces. These cup holders are microwavable, dishwasher-safe, and at the hands of even the most frustrated autistic person–virtually indestructible. The attractive neutral color matches with almost any décor.

It has been found that persons with autism prefer the dishes and plates offered by Freedom Distributors, not only because of this proprietary vacuum base system but because of the special shapes which facilitate eating. The scoop bowls have a scientifically designed lip which keep virtually all food within the bowl. The divider plate has three sections: a large section for the main course, and two smaller sections for side courses.

Any person affected by autism will love the unique design and vacuum system provided by Freedom Distributors’  line of adaptive plates, bowls, dishes, and cupholders.