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All About… Non-Tip Cupholders for Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Walkers

If you use a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, you are–by definition–on the go. And if you’re on the go, you’ve got to take your personal stuff along.

Keys? Check! Cellphone? Check! Coffee mug or soda? Well…

Don’t be without your favorite beverages just because you happen to use a mobility device.

You may already know of some methods of carrying your beverage. Some inefficient and even dangerous ways:

  • Nestling hot coffee between your legs, you wheelchair users?
  • Balancing a soda can on the footboard, you scooter users?
  • Carrying a juice bottle with one hand, you walker users?

Instead, learn the basics of Freedom Distributors’ great non-tip cupholders made specially for wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, and walkers.

Lesson One – Round Tube vs. Square Tube

Have you noticed whether your wheelchair, scooter, or walker has round or square metal tubing for the frame? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Non tip cup-holders from Freedom fit on either square or round tubes.

Lesson Two – Easy to Put On and Take Off

Many types of cupholders designed for mobility devices are…well, immobile. They clamp onto the wheelchair, scooter, or walker and stay there forever–or until you cut them off with a welding torch, as it often seems! Freedom’s non-tip drinkholders easily clamp on wheelchairs, scooter, and walkers–without screwing into the frame. Want to take it off? It’s a snap with Freedom!

Lesson Three – Perfect Foldability

Your mobility device sometimes encounters narrow spaces. Doorways, crowds, hallways…the list goes on. When you have a drinkholder protruding from the side of the frame, that drinkholder is an obstruction. But Freedom’s drinkholders fold up within seconds.

Lesson Four – Prevent Accidental Closure

One alarming problem with some inferior cupholders is that a slight bump may cause them to close. Freedom’s wheelchair, scooter, and walker cup holders cannot accidentally fold, under any circumstances. Internal support legs lock into place, keeping the cupholder securely open. Want to close the folding cup holder? Easy enough to do with just one hand.

Lesson Five – Scalability

Not all people are the same. So why do cupholder manufacturers think that all people drink the same sized beverage? Freedom clamping drinkholders scale up or down to accomodate different sized beverages.

The take-away today is that drink holders that clamp to wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers are made just for that purpose. You can “make do” with other methods, but those methods will always compromise your safety and comfort. Best to choose a product that is made just for that purpose.