Adapted Plates, Bowls, Dishes and Cupholders: Frequently Purchased by Persons Without Disabilities | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

Adapted Plates, Bowls, Dishes and Cupholders: Frequently Purchased by Persons Without Disabilities

Adapted Plates, Bowls, Dishes and Cupholders: Frequently Purchased by Persons Without Disabilities

Within the medical supply field, there is a category of assistive devices called “adapted tableware.” Essentially this means plates, dishes, bowls, and cupholders adapted for use by persons who may have a condition that prevents them from using ordinary tableware.

For example, persons with muscular dystrophy, Huntington’s Disease, or people who have had strokes may have difficulties using ordinary tableware. Ordinary tableware may spill, slide, or be hard to manipulate.

But one secret that you may not know is that adapted tableware is more and more frequently being used by persons who do not have these special needs.

Yes. Often, people who act as caregivers to such persons with needs begin to appreciate the practical utility and quality construction of adapted bowls and dishes—and they order these items for themselves.

One of the first items that is often purchased is an adapted cupholder. Those people without disabilities may notice the sharp division in quality between their flimsy, ineffective cup holders…and the wonderful quality of adapted cupholders.

Example: Adapted cup holders made by Freedom Distributors use an extra- strong vacuum base system that virtually guarantees that the cupholder will remain fixed to any smooth, flat, dry surface. This is no ordinary “suction cup” system but is a patented device that adheres with pressure from one hand. And the vacuum base unscrews easily from the cupholder itself just like you would unscrew a jar.

After that point, people who ordinarily have no special needs for adapted dinnerware begin to see the quality of these items. If the cupholder works so great, why not try another item?

People who watch TV or work on the computer while eating especially love the adapted scoop bowl. Again with the vacuum base system, the scoop plate or bowl has a neat “lip” that allows the user to scoop food onto the fork or spoon— without the assistance of the other hand!

All adapted bowls, plates, and cupholders made by Freedom Distributors are 100% dishwasher-safe and 100% microwavable (note: the lower base section must be detached first, but this section rarely becomes dirty). And you can drop, ding, hit, and bump these adapted plates and dishes, and no chance of chips, cracks, or breaks. That’s because the Freedom line uses a thick, sturdy type of industrial-grade plastic…not the cheap thin plastic that most competitors use.

Another item that users gravitate toward is the handy adapted divider plate. The divider plate combines the best of all possible worlds:

  • Segmented with one large section and two quarter sections—to keep courses separate.
  • Vacuum base system for easy adhesion to flat, clean surfaces.
  • Sturdy, virtually unbreakable plastic.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

So consider looking into adapted tableware for all occasions—and for all needs. Adapted dinnerware from Freedom Distributors represents the pinnacle of quality in adapted dishes, plates, bowls, and cupholders.