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Adapted Plates and Bowls Provide Mealtime Independence for Stroke Survivors

Whether you are a stroke survivor or the caregiver or spouse of a stroke survivor, you are already well aware of the effects of this condition. Strokes are responsible for many symptoms such as memory loss, depression, neglect of personal grooming issues, and behavior changes. But mealtimes are a crucial area of concern.

Respected organizations such as the National Stroke Association pinpoint several areas as key to the recovery for persons affected by stroke. Diet, nutrition, and eating issues are the top areas of concern highlighted by the NSA. While other areas of a person’s life might tolerate a minimal amount of neglect, it is nearly impossible for a stroke survivor—or much less anyone—to neglect sustenance.

National Stroke Association: “Use Special Tableware”

In fact, the National Stroke Association specifically recommends that stroke survivors use special plates, bowls, dishes, and other types of specially adapted dinnerware to assist them in the eating process.

Regular dinnerware is rarely appropriate for people who have difficulty with eating.

A right-hemisphere stroke affects the left side of the body, often to the point of causing complete paralysis on that side. Most likely, right-hemisphere stroke survivors have difficulty judging distances, and often attempt to compensate with so-called impulsive actions.

By contrast, survivors of left hemisphere strokes find the right side of their body affected. As a result, they often become more slow and cautious in their behavior.

Needless to say, mealtime is not a time to be either impulsive or cautious. One type of specially-adapted dinnerware for stroke survivors is the scoop plate. While this type of plate is manufactured by many different companies, there is one company—Freedom Dinnerware—which offers a far superior product.

Features of Specially-Adapted Dinnerware

Stroke survivors using this scoop plate will find several features which distinguish this product from competitors’ products. First, a patented vacuum pad adheres the scoop plate firmly to any smooth surface. Unlike other “suction-cup” methods, this suction pad refuses to move. Yet, when the meal is finished, the suction pad is easy to detach simply by lifting a corner. Right-hemisphere stroke survivors will enjoy plates that stay firmly stuck to the table.

Secondly, the key feature of the scoop plate is its scientifically contoured “lip” to allow folks to easily place food onto the spoon or fork. The more cautious left- hemisphere stroke patients will love this feature of the scoop plate.

Next there is the divider plate. Called by many names (divide plate, divided plate, sectioned plate, etc.), persons who have difficulty keeping different foods separate can easily do so with the divider plate. The Freedom Dinnerware divider plate is composed of a half section for the main or meat course, with two quarter sections for vegetables or fruit.

Plates, bowls, and dishes for stroke survivors don’t get any better than those manufactured by Freedom Dinnerware. From the foolproof vacuum pad system to the specially designed shape, this dinnerware is perfect for any person recovering from a stroke who wishes for more independent mealtimes!