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Freedom Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapter

The Freedom Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapter is a universal doorknob lever that easily converts a standard door knob into a lever handle. This doorknob adapter fits all types of door knobs regardless of size or shape, and on either side of the interior or exterior of a door.


The Freedom Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapter is easy to install without removing the knob or adjusting any of the existing hardware, and does not require any adhesives. Simply connect the two back plates together around the neck of the doorknob. Insert the flat rubber gasket into the adapter, this increases friction on the front of the doorknob. Slide the adapter onto the face of the knob. Before screwing the adapter and back plate together, slip the long thick gasket around the back of the doorknob and into the adapter. Then hand tighten the adapter to the back plate. The doorknob should be pinched between both gaskets, which keeps the doorknob and adapter turning together. Use the included L tool to further tighten the adapter.


There are no screws or metal grip mechanisms that will discolor or scratch the knob’s surface. The center opening allows full key access. This unique door handle aid utilizes a special thermo-plastic fastening system. Unlike metal adapters it is warm to the touch, and will not peel or rust. People who have difficulty gripping a standard doorknob will find this adapted lever handle provides a very easy way to open the door. Users can push down on the handle with the side of their hand, or push up on the handle with the back of their hand. The handles ideal for anyone who has weak hands, or for someone who simply wants the convenience of a lever door handle.