Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

The Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder is what wheelchair users have been waiting for. It’s the durable, smart and sophisticated way to go to hold cups near the wheelchair armrest.

A wheelchair cupholder makes sense for a lot of people, but wheelchair users deserve more than a clunky, fly-by-night apparatus.

A secure, universal fit

The Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder clinches onto almost any upright or horizontal metal framing or tubing on wheelchairs. The user must select between cupholders made for mounting onto round tubing and those made for mounting on to square tubing.

Folds for going through doorways

One of the greatest selling features of the Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder is the fact that it folds up to be only one inch thick when not in use. This means wheelchair users can simply fold it up and fit easily through doorways without having to remove the cupholder.

Holds up to 46 ounces for maximum thirst quenching

The cupholder folds out and features a locking leg that prevents it from closing on accident. The adjustable arms that surround the cup can hold between 16 and 46 ounce cups and are small, thin and out of the way.

The drink solution for many different disabilities

Balancing a cup in one’s hand is difficult while also trying to drive a wheelchair. The Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder is a convenient way for people in wheelchairs to keep their eyes on the path in front of them without distractions. Furthermore, many who use wheelchairs also have loss of muscle control or muscle weakness. This makes the Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder ideal for people with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, muscular dystrophy and many other conditions.

Decreases risk of dehydration

The Freedom Wheelchair Cupholder gives people in wheelchairs the freedom to quench their thirst whenever and wherever they may be. This also makes it easier and much more likely for those in wheelchairs to stay hydrated despite facing risk of dehydration due to their condition.