Freedom Dessert Bowl | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

The Freedom Dessert Bowl gives people with disabilities infinitely easier access to the most comforting food known to the human race: ice cream.

Enjoying a bowl of refreshing ice cream at the end of a meal is so important to so many people, we make a Freedom Bowl just for this purpose.


The problem

For people who eat primarily with one hand, the problem of trying to keep a bowl still while scooping thick ice cream is so common, the Freedom Dessert Bowl practically sells itself.

The solution is simple

The patented Suction Pad Base keeps the Dessert Bowl from moving. This functions as an extra hand holding the bowl in place so that the user doesn’t have to. The struggle of spooning ice cream, especially when it is very frozen, makes it impossible for many people with disabilities to eat this comfort food comfortably. The Dessert Bowl, like our other bowls and plates, takes away this struggle with the no-slip, no spill vacuum pad, putting the comfort back in comfort food.

Sized for easy dessert portions

The Dessert Bowl is sized perfectly for a few scoops of ice cream or for other delectable desserts. Measuring in at only 4 and 1/2 inches wide and 1 and 1/2 inches high, it is just right for a dessert. Having a plate that is too big gives the individual with a disability more to deal with than they need. There is no reason to chase food around on a plate that is too large. The dimensions of the Freedom Dessert Bowl make it easy to scoop and eat.

Also good for warm desserts

Ice cream is not the only food made easier with the Dessert Bowl. This durable, polypropylene bowl is also microwave-safe and is good for warm delights, such as peach cobbler, hot fudge and hot apple pie. The Freedom Dessert Bowl holds 4 ounces of whatever the user’s favorite dessert might be.

The Suction Pad Base adjusts brilliantly

The brilliant design of the Suction Pad Base, which comes with all of our bowls and plates, allows the user to remove it from the table by prying one corner in order to break the vacuum. However, once put in place, the user can’t knock it over or slide it simply by scooping ice cream. It will also remain in place despite any tremors or spasms caused by Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, stroke, arthritis or any condition that affects arm and hand strength and control.

How to clean appropriately

The Dessert Bowl is dishwasher safe on the top rack. The Suction Pad Base should be washed by hand and should not be placed in a microwave.