Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

The Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straws are the perfect addition to our Freedom Cupholders and Freedom Wheelchair Cupholders.


No more lifting glasses or bending down to drink

These straws are 28 inches long. This is exactly what people in wheelchairs are looking for. This eliminates the need to lift a drink from a wheelchair or tray cupholder, or worse, stoop over to the level of the cup. People in wheelchairs can adjust the straw so that they can easily reach it with their lips without exerting much effort.

Great for standard tables and restaurants

The extra length is not only useful for wheelchair cupholders. Tables at restaurants or even at home are often not high enough for wheelchair users. Wheelchairs often sit much higher than regular seats. The Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straws will easily reach the individual’s mouth from long distances.

A bendable straw times three

That is not all these straws have to offer. They also feature three flexible sections, allowing the individual to bend the straw to the perfect angle. Many other extra long straws are not bendable and therefore cannot be used in the bed or even in reclined positions easily. Our Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straws bend at three points for ease of use in just about any position.

Cut for desired length

When living with a disability, adapting is everything. These straws were created with the reality of adapting and experimenting in mind. Not only are the Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straws bendable at three points, they can also be cut with scissors easily to gain the desired length.

No need to keep buying new straws

These straws, made of polypropylene and BPA free, can be washed and reused, meaning no more having to go out and buy yet another pack of disposable straws. For people who use straws at every meal, being able to wash and reuse just makes sense.