Freedom Cupholder | ADL products for Seniors, the Elderly & People with Disabilities

Many people who use wheelchairs use their trays even while they are driving to hold everything from food to computers. The Freedom Cupholder is the go-to cupholder for people on the move.

One cupholder. Many environments.

Wheelchair trays and rolling hospital tables are just a few of the surfaces ideal for the Freedom Cupholder. The Non-Slip Vacuum Pad underneath holds the cupholder in place despite the bumps in the road. The Freedom Cupholder is useful in a variety of environments, including surfaces in trucks, RVs and boats.

Who has time to stop for a drink?

We live in a fast-paced world, and it doesn’t go any slower for those in wheelchairs or those who can’t easily hold beverages because of physical limitations.

A well-designed vacuum structure holds the cupholder in place

The Non-Slip Vacuum Pad clings on to any smooth, clean surface and won’t let go even if bumped or hit. The vacuum is strong and air-tight, but its brilliant design allows it to be removed and readjusted easily by simply prying one corner of the pad. It can be placed on just about any flat surface by pressing down with only slight pressure.

Pick between two sizes

Two small, out-of-the-way arms hold drinks securely and are adjustable to fit a variety of cup sizes. The Standard Freedom Cupholder can hold between 6 and 16 ounce cups, and the Large Freedom Cupholder holds between 16 and 46 ounce cups.

Highly portable

An extra convenience of the Freedom Cupholder is that it folds down when not in use. The user can leave it in the same spot on their tray without having to keep moving it or possibly lose it. When it is in the collapsed position, it is only one inch thick, making it the perfect compact cupholder. A support leg locks in place to keep the cupholder from closing on accident.

The freedom to hydrate. The freedom to travel. The Freedom Cupholder.

The Freedom Cupholder makes it easier and therefore much more likely to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can be a major challenge for people with certain limitations that not only cause higher risk of dehydration but also make it harder for them to physically carry drinks. The Freedom Cupholder gives people with disabilities the freedom to quench their thirst no matter where they are.