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Introducing the New and Improved Freedom Drink Holder

Maintaining independence and freedom through disabilities can be challenging, often times it can feel impossible to regain lost independence when it feels like there’s no getting ahead of the curve. With a little perseverance and dedication, anything is possible here at Freedom Distributors.

In the past we brought in the original Freedom Cupholder, the one cupholder for several environments and occasions. It’s well known for its security and adaptiveness, with two different sizes to optimize the kind of product that fits daily drinking needs. Well, we decided to capitalize on that idea and bring forth a newer, more revolutionary product that brings a whole new meaning to adaptive daily aids.

Introducing the Freedom Drink Holder with a quick clamp, it’s supported by a 20 inch long gooseneck arm. The quick lock clamp includes a durable lever action clamp that safely secures to round tubing, pipes, rods, or rails that are found on scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, and rollators. It can even attach to hospital bed railings that are within a 1.25 inch diameter, making this drink holder a must-have for disabled users that have a hard time gaining easy access to drinks. The 20 inch arm is designed to hold up to 2 pounds at a horizontal angle(the weakest), making it a safe alternative to those heavier cups.

Specs and Prices

The sturdy composite plastic cup holder is compatible with bottles, cups, cans, and mugs as long as it’s at or below 3.5 inches in diameter. The drink holder has two steel wing nuts that adjust for two different axis. The first wing nut that connects the drink holder to the gooseneck arm allows the holder to turn horizontally. The second wing nut secures the drink holder to the L bracket and provides a vertical hold. Loosening or tightening either wingnuts can alter the cupholder, so be cautious when setting up. The full length of this product is 24 ⅕ inches tall and accommodates cups up to 3 ½ inches in diameter.

This product is sold both individually and in bulk, since this drink holder can attach to any round tubing within proper diameter, it can be beneficial to pick up a few of them. For individual pricing, the Freedom Drink Holder can be bought for a retail price of $59.95 and a dealer price for distributors at $39.98 each. Bulk can be bought for distributors only, case pricing for 6 items is at $215.88 while bulk pricing for 12 items is $383.76.

This product can help disabled users regain independence and freedom again, so whether a distributor or a customer, the Freedom Drink Holder is a perfect start to an adaptive lifestyle.