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Gain Independence With Freedom Dinnerware

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Regaining independence for those with life altering disabilities can be a tricky accomplishment, but it can be done by adapting and educating. Being unable to eat without assistance is a freedom that gets taken from people with MS, Parkinson’s, or even Arthritis. Personally, I work with a man that was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) and I know he’d give anything to be able to feed himself again. We’ve all had a moment or two in our lives when we’ve tried eating a bowl of cereal and instead of the food making it into our mouths, we’re suddenly wearing it. This is a common and frustrating occurrence for some people in their daily lives, but that’s where Freedom Dinnerware comes in.

What to expect 

In using Freedom Dinnerware, adaptive utensils, bowls, plates, cups, and straws are specially designed to aid in easy dining. Adaptability and comfort are two of the main things to be expected from our dinnerware. The majority of people that use adaptive dinnerware have conditions such as Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, or muscular atrophy. Some of these conditions can have us feeling helpless, especially when we lose the ability to properly feed ourselves. Regaining that one little bit of independence can make a worlds of a difference, so dive in on our dine-in specials.

The Freedom Divided Plate is great for those who do not like their food to touch, but that is not the only use for the divides in this plate. Having those edges can make eating one handed or weak handed much easier. In some cases, if you’re so inclined, one might be able to eat with no hands with this plate. It’s just that convenient.

Much like the divided plate, there’s also a Freedom Scoop Plate which allows for a different kind of use. Equipped with a suction pad base, this product is ideal for those that struggle with proper scooping due to unstable, weak, or slow hands. This plate wont budge unless the suction pad is released, resulting in little to no mess.

Much like our plates, our Freedom Snack Bowl has the same unique design with a suction pad to keep the bowl still and large sides to make scooping easier. The Freedom Soup Bowl has a similar design and is just as effective.

Another great product that deserves recognition is the Freedom Cupholder, designed to be a portable cupholder that can be taken anywhere. It is unique because of its suction pad, creating a mess-free environment.

Many of these products are designed to be bought in bulk, but are well worth the money. They can be used for family and friends or they can be donated to those in need of adaptive dinnerware. Take the dive and dine in with Freedom Dinnerware.