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5 Amazing Products For Those Disabled

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There are thousands of disabilities that can alter the quality of life for some people, it can be something as severe as muscular atrophy or something more treatable such as Arthritis. Despite the kind of disability a person endures, one thing stays the same for every disability; adaption to a new life style.

Most Used and Recommended Products

It’s no secret that the Nation loves straws. Plastic, bendy, metal — we love our straws. However, those living with a wheelchair or battling an illness that can weaken the muscles need a little more help drinking. A straw is a great alternative for drinks, it can provide a solid solution for those in wheelchairs that don’t want to rely on someone handing them their drink. Sometimes, that straw is just a little too small, though..

The Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw is a great place to start when trying to minimize bending and lifting when it comes to drinking. This product can be bought in a package of 10 or 20, all straws 28 inches in length and incredibly flexible to suit your needs.

Another item for the kitchen is the Freedom Divided Plate, this provides a suction beneath the plate to keep it steady and it also has sections to separate the users food in. With its high rising partitions, it makes eating a much easier experience without all the hassle and the mess. Perfect for those with Parkinson’s or those with unsteady hands.

Along with the divided plate, we also provide a Freedom Scoop Plate, which allows those with weakened arm/hand strength to use one hand more efficiently. Without the trouble of scooping up food or making sure there’s no mess, it also provides a suction that’s alike to the divided plate. Very helpful for those with less arm strength. We offer more products in terms of dinnerware but these are the most used and recommended. 

Stepping outside of the kitchen, we also offer plenty of alternatives for outdoor activities such as gardening. Gardening can be treated like therapy, as it can really lift spirits and give back a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, there’s rarely any comfortable garden tools and they always leave hands cramping, aching, or locking. Our products can ease those aches and pains with something as simple as PETA Easi-Grip Add-on Handles, which can be used for any gardening tool. It’s simple, just clip the handle onto the tool of choice and suddenly holding onto that trowel or rake becomes ten times more comfortable.

With comfort in mind, another great product for our garden therapy lovers is the PETA Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff, this is a neat tool that offers support in the forearm when lacking hand or arm strength. It can greatly change how gardening feels, extra support can improve productivity because of its comforting features and easy use. 

Whether you’re a consumer, manufacturer, dealer, or just plain curious, our mission is to bring more independence into the lives of those who thought they’ve lost it all. With these daily living aids, living with a disability doesn’t have to be so challenging.