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3 Adaptive Kitchen Aids

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Cooking isn’t exactly the most dangerous activity we do on a daily basis, but it can be difficult for those with hand tremors or joint stiffness to safely operate in their kitchen. That’s why adaptive kitchen aids are so popular, it makes cooking safer and more comfortable.

A common condition that has difficulty using regular utensils is Arthritis, stiff hands and locked fingers can really damage your hand. Parkinson’s has a similar effect, although it’s mostly tremors and weakness that causes proper hand function to fail.

Even people without disabilities enjoy these adaptive aids because they are designed to make things more convenient, and convenience is the last thing we get when we’re cooking a large meal. Just ask anyone stuck cooking Thanksgiving this year! 

Popular Kitchen Aids

These aids are adaptive and here for anyone to use, but most commonly used among those with tremors and/or weak hands. 

  • PETA Multi-Function Food Preparation Board –  This is an advanced cutting board with nifty tools that allow anyone with weakened hands to easily peel, slice, cut, grate, and prepare food with no hassle. Its design brings convenience and comfort together, making this cutting board a must-have.
  • PETA Self Opening Kitchen Scissors – Like normal scissors, they are still very sharp and can be potentially dangerous if used incorrectly but they are easier to use. With bigger, adaptive handles, people with hand conditions can now comfortably utilize this product.
  • Gyenno Self Stabilizing Spoon V2 – Ever hear of a smart spoon? Well, now ya have! The design in this utensil is built to recognize and regulate hand tremors by 85%. It comes with a portable case and is intelligent enough to turn off on its own. It even has a 4.5 hour charge time.

Every kitchen needs a few nifty toys in it, whether you’re disabled or not, kitchen aids are extremely helpful. They’re also perfect for teaching younger children how to cook as most of the utensils and knives have safety mechanisms that lower the risk factor of using them.

Don’t let your hands keep you from digging in and enjoying your meal!